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   Pinnacle GeoSciences, Inc.

       Providing environmental consulting services in Washington State since 1995

Stephen Perrigo, LG, LGH
Steve Perrigo has been providing environmental consulting services in Washington State for 39 years.  After receiving a degree in Geology from the University of Colorado, he spent two years with the Peace Corps in Central America.  He then returned to the Seattle area and began his environmental consulting career.  His experience includes very successful management of hundreds of complex environmental projects involving diverse soil, ground water, chemical and regulatory issues.
Mr. Perrigo applies strong abilities in forensic chemical, geological, and property use analysis to tie together site investigation and historical site practices into a clear understanding of conditions for developing environmental remediation recommendations and solutions.  These abilities have been applied to complex industrial properties, commercial property transfers, brownfields projects and regulatory compliance issues.  He provides litigation support  for matters involving forensic evaluation, opinions on existing work by others, insurance claim recovery, expert witness testimony, and mediation support .
Mr. Perrigo is a Licensed Geologist and Licensed Hydrogeologist in Washington State.
Direct Telephone:  206-459-3365

Gail Perrigo
Ms. Perrigo has 23 years of experience in providing historical and technical research for environmental projects.  She earned a B.A. from the University of Oregon, and completed graduate studies in Natural Resources Management at the University of Washington.
Ms. Perrigo provides ground work for Pinnacle GeoSciences' environmental assessment and analysis by researching historical geography, property ownership, land uses and activities, as well as historical commercial and industrial practices.  This has involved developing a significant in-house research library of local historical publications, maps, photographs, and anecdotal information as well as a large compendium of on-line and public sources to research historical property characteristics and potential environmental issues. 
Direct Telephone:  206-459-7608

A thorough understanding of current site conditions and historical practices that may have contributed to current conditions is fundamental to solving environmental contamination issues.