Our Clients
Pinnacle GeoSciences' clientele include a mix of public and private sector organizations, businesses and individuals.  We treat all our client interactions with confidentiality because of the sensitive nature of environmental contamination and compliance issues.  Upon request we can provide further information about our services and references.  Our clientele includes:

Public Sector
Port Districts 
County Governments
The State of Washington

Industrial and Commercial
Petroleum Refining and Distribution
Electric Power Production and Distribution

Manufacturing Industry
Cement Industry 
Railroad and Light Rail Industry
Commercial Businesses
Environmental Remediation Contractors

Legal Profession
Insurance Companies
Civil Engineering Companies

Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate Management
Individual Property Owners
Lending Institutions

Native American Tribal Organizations
Charitable Organizations
PRP/PLP Groups

   Pinnacle GeoSciences, Inc.

       Providing environmental consulting services in Washington State since 1995

Pinnacle GeoSciences provided full design services and construction support for this ground water treatment system on a military base in Washington State.