Pinnacle GeoSciences designed and implemented a cleanup of this neighborhood dry cleaner located in a retail and office building in downtown Kirkland.  During the cleanup activities the dry cleaning business continued to operate and serve its customers.  The cleanup action included excavation beneath the existing building and the installation of cut-off walls to isolate the site from adjoining properties.  Pinnacle GeoSciences office is located on the second floor of this office building.


   Pinnacle GeoSciences, Inc.

       Providing environmental consulting services in Washington State since 1995

Pinnacle GeoSciences services are focused on the identification of sources and impacts related to soil and ground water contamination,  particularly as they relate to allocation, disputes, real estate transactions and regulatory concerns. Our staff members have 20 to 36 years of experience in providing these services. 
Our services include:

Environmental Forensics
  • Research and Interpretation of Historical Property Development
  • Industrial Process Forensics
  • Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Identification
  • Potentially Liable Party (PLP) Identification
  • Allocation Support
  • Cost Recovery Support
  • Compilation and Interpretation of Past Environmental Studies
  • Principal Component Analysis of Contaminants
  • Contaminant Source Identification
  • Differentiation of Contaminant Sources

Property Acquisition Support 
  • Environmental Strategy and Risk Management
  • Brownfields Support
  • Property Transaction Support
  • Property Screening

Litigation and Insurance Support

  • Cost Recovery and Allocation Support
  • Third-Party Review
  • Mediation Support
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Insurance Recovery Support

Other Services      
  • Historical Document Collection, Indexing, Retrieval and Secure Collaborative Sharing